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Thanks so much for ordering my album. Before you go I’ve got something very special I’d like to share with you…

When I was living in New York City I released the album It’s All True. At the time I was leading the band Joe Matzzie Beyond Belief. A lot of the songs that I still perform live to this day are on It’s All True, and people often buy both albums together at my concerts.  I’d like to give you a discount for picking up both my albums.

As a special ONE TIME OFFER you can get It’s All True for $4.50 more. That means for you’re paying half of what I would normally charge for this additional album.

This Box Makes Noise plus It's All TrueNow I realize this is probably not for everyone. If you’re giving This Box Makes Noise as a gift, or perhaps just a casual purchase, than this special offer may not be for you.

However if you are a fan of my music and would like to help support me as an artist while getting one heck of a deal, then rest assured this is a great opportunity to load up on some very special content at a price that you WON’T see again.

BUT PLEASE REMEMBER: This 50% discount I’m offering on all of the above is a ONE TIME OFFER. The 2-albums for $13.49 is not currently available anywhere else, and once you close this page this special price will be gone for good.

So if you’d like to get the double whammy 2-album package for $13.49 ($4.50 in addition to the purchase you already made), click the order button you see below now!

No thanks, I’d like to pass on the 2-album package and proceed to download the album I have already purchased.